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Obama: Russia needs to ensure Syria complies with obligations

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by Joseph Earnest  February 11, 2014


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—While hosting French President François Hollande at the White House, Barack Obama said in a joint press conference that Russia has the responsibility to ensure that Syria gets rid of its chemical weapons.

"Just as our unity on Syria, and the credible threat of force led to a plan for destroying Syria's chemical weapons, we're united on what needs to happen next there, " Obama said. 

"Syria must meet its commitments, and Russia has a responsibility to ensure that Syria complies.  And as talks continue in Geneva, we'll continue to strengthen the moderate opposition, and we call on the international community to stem the flow of foreign fighters into Syria," he added.

Last August, Russia convinced Syria to agree to destroy its chemical weapons to avert what seemed to be a military confrontation with the West.  The process is ongoing in phases under the supervision of both the U.S. and Russia.  Plans have reportedly been made to destroy the chemical weapons at sea.

Obama also talked about implementing key global initiates in Africa like food security.

"We're moving forward together on key global development initiatives:  food security and nutrition that can lift 50 million Africans out of poverty; our determination to replenish the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria -- and I’m pleased that we’re joining with partners around the world on a new global health security effort to combat infectious diseases and save lives," Obama said at the press conference in the East Room.    Add Comments>>









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