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Part I: The Collective Consciousness Has Been Activated Globally



by Joseph Earnest  March 19, 2012


 Newscast Media NEW YORKMany are wondering why there is an increased political awareness of current events across the world, and the willingness of people to become part of the activism we are witnessing.  This issue will be tackled in a three-part series herein.  With all the activity and news being pumped and fed to audiences, it is very important for viewers and readers of news articles to decipher news from propaganda, fact from fiction, and truth from misinformation.


The majority of news stories serve to put audiences in a perpetual state of doubt about the future, and in a constant state of uncertainty, yet things aren't as bad as they appear on the surface.


Nevertheless, what is frustrating to politicians and media practitioners is that the people seem to be in an elevated state of awareness and are no longer easily manipulated.  It is not just regional, this awareness is now global.  The phenomenon we see happening is called the collective consciousness. Some may even call it the "Hundredth Monkey Effect". This is where a group becomes aware of a certain truth, and this truth, produces a ripple effect causing it to interconnect with like minds.


We are currently experiencing a cross-cultural, trans-generational and multi-territorial group consciousness playing out before our eyes, whereby people no longer have faith in political entities and leaders, financial institutions, the education systems, organized religion and the mainstream news media. The collective consciousness will eventually prevail as it has in previous ages. Between the late 1400s to the late 1500s the era was called the renaissance or rebirth of knowledge. Between 1600-1800 it was called the age of reason. From the 1800s - the 1900s it was the industrial revolution; and right now we are in the information age, that is inevitably evolving as streams of consciousness within people, are being triggered.


The political systems and the majority of representatives who are supposed to be for the people, have been corrupted and tainted by politics as they thirst for more power.  They have allowed themselves to be compromised and seem oblivious to why they are actually in office.  They've been subverted by the very machine they raged against.  The educational system has been infiltrated by those who seek to corrupt the minds of the gullible, that's why when students complete school, they seem to lack the practical tools that are necessary to function effectively in the real world.


Students are misled into pursuing courses that will be of little value upon graduation—the result of which makes it hard for such graduates to find employment. Religious institutions have also been infiltrated and are filled with false teachers who feed their flock with a false sense of reality and false doctrine.


People are misled into believing there is no accountability for their actions or inactions in this life, even though it is obvious that there is a segment of the population that hungers and thirsts for leaders who are unafraid to dispense truth, no matter how bitter it may be.  Most leaders of today are more concerned with being popular and likeable, and not offending their followers. Accordingly, they have rendered themselves ineffective in their message delivery, because it doesn't resonate with their audiences.


As far as the media is concerned, need I say more?  Intelligence agencies have filled newsrooms with their plants to report half-truths, but audiences are smart enough to know when they are being deceived.  When stories that are newsworthy are being killed, or investigations are not being conducted but ignored by the media, it is obvious that truth is the last thing they are concerned about. It is also possible for prominent people to be programmed into doing or saying what their corporate masters want them to do or say. It is not unusual for a certain law or bill to be passed, leaving the average person to wonder how on earth someone reasonable would sign off on such a deal.


The Rand report, authored by Irving Janis, revealed that a number of experienced hypnotists had been able to train their subjects to perform "in such a way that observers could not tell that the subject was in a trance or that he was acting under hypnotic suggestions."


"I can hypnotize a man—without his knowledge or consent—into committing treason against the United States," boasted Dr. George Estabrooks in the early 1940s.

Estabrooks, chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University, was called to Washington by the War Department shortly after Pearl Harbor. Since he was the ranking authority on hypnosis at the time, they wanted his opinion on how the enemy might be planning to use hypnotism.


The Rand report also suggested that this trick of hypnotic suggestion might be used on a defendant awaiting trial. The defendant could be "prepared" in a series of hypnotic sessions to accept guilt about a criminal act he did not commit, and then, if placed in a hypnotic trance while in the courtroom, the prosecutor's interrogation would elicit a false confession.

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