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Russia rejects Ukraine's plea for talks about Crimea region

crimea invasion

 Unmarked vehicles with men wearing unmarked uniforms assumed to be Russian operatives after seizing two of Crimea's airports.


by Joseph Earnest  February 28, 2014


Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russia has rejected a call by Ukraine to discuss the worsening political situation in the country's semi-autonomous Crimea region, saying the crisis is an internal issue.

In a statement released on Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry rejected a call for consultations on Crimea with new Ukrainian officials.

The statement also added that Moscow has not violated an agreement regarding the movement of its troops in the region.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the movement of armored vehicles belonging to Russia's Black Sea fleet in Crimea is in line with Russian-Ukrainian agreements.

The ministry continued by saying that the movements were needed "to ensure the security of the places where the Black Sea fleet is stationed on the territory of Ukraine."

This comes as Ukraine's new Interior Minister Arsen Avakov earlier in the day accused Russian troops of staging an "invasion" of Crimea's international airport in Simferopol and the Belbek airfield near the city of Sevastopol, which is home to Russia's Black Sea fleet.

Ukrainian officials have also accused Moscow of escalating the violence in Crimea.

On Thursday, dozens of gunmen seized the government and parliament buildings in Crimea and raised Russian flags over them.

However, Moscow denies that its forces have been involved in the events in Crimea.

Unrest erupted in Ukraine in November 2013, when ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych, refrained from signing an Association Agreement with the EU in favor of closer ties with Russia.

On February 23, the Ukrainian parliament ousted Yanukovych and named Oleksandr Turchynov, the legislature’s newly-elected speaker, as interim president.

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  Source: Press TV










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