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Three of President Morsi's advisors resign over standoff


Egyptians drive President Mohammed Morsi out of the presidential palace and demand he step down.

Photo by Mai Shaheen in Cairo, Egypt


by Joseph Earnest  December 5, 2012 

*Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 


Newscast Media CAIRO, EgyptThree of President Mohamed Morsy's advisors resigned Wednesday evening, as a political standoff escalated into clashes between supporters of the president and his opponents.

Presidential adviser Saif Abdel Fattah told Al-Jazeera on the phone that he has resigned in protest of the clashes that took place outside the presidential palace on Wednesday.

"The Muslim Brotherhood is a narrow-minded and mummified group not worthy of Egypt," he said. "I cannot bear seeing our young die."

"The young are the ones who made the revolution, and who are still paying the price," he added. "And the crisis could have been resolved, had the Brotherhood not been only working for its own interests."

"I am going to unite the young and work with them," he said.

Presidential advisor Ayman al-Sayyad also resigned on Wednesday. He tweeted that he and other advisers had resigned a week ago but did not announce it.  Amr al-Leithy also tweeted that he had resigned last week to protest the constitutional declaration.    Photos by Ahram News photographer Mai Shaheen:

mohammed morsi

Egyptians in a moment of prayer before resuming demonstrations in Cairo.

Photo by Mai Shaheen in Cairo, Egypt




Protesters surround presidential palace in Heliopolis and demand Morsi's resignation

Photo by Mai Shaheen in Cairo, Egypt




An injured protester in CairoPhoto by Mai Shaheen in Cairo, Egypt




Mobile medical unit amidst protestersPhoto by Mai Shaheen in Cairo, Egypt

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