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FDA: Johnson and Johnson vaccine recipients suffered severe side effects


 by Joseph Earnest February 24, 2021


Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.Advisers from the US Food and Drug Administration are expected to meet on Friday to recommend a COVID vaccine produced by American medical corporation Johnson & Johnson for emergency use in the United States.


US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) experts said that three recipients of Johnson & Johnson's one-shot COVID-19 vaccine had suffered from "severe side effects" during the trial, Reuters reported, citing the agency's documents. 

    One of these reported events was a "hypersensitivity reaction" - although not classified as anaphylaxis - and was registered two days following the inoculation and is likley to be linked to the J&J jab, the files allegedly say. 

But the agency argued that they were not alarmed by these occurrences and their analysis of the vaccine did not raise any particular safety concerns that would prevent emergency use authorization. 

The FDA's panel of independent experts has yet to authorise the shot for emergency use. They are expected to meet on Friday and could either approve it or dismiss it in the wake of the advice of the agency's experts. 


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