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Prince Walugembe: If Buganda stays silent Kabaka will perish


Prince Frederick Walugembe speaks out


 by Joseph Earnest April 14, 2021


Newscast Media KAMPALA, UgandaBuganda Prince Edward Frederick Walugembe released a video lamenting the condition of Buganda King Ronald Mutebi as deteriorating.

“If the people of Buganda continue to remain silent, the Kabaka will die from his infirmity,” said Walugembe.

The Kabaka has been ill, and his Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga is being blamed for keeping the king’s condition secret for several months. The jury is out on whether it is negligence on behalf of Mayiga, or dereliction of duty, for Mayiga not to have announced on the Kabaka’s birthday that he is unwell and needs treatment.

Prince Walugembe stated that the Government of Buganda will be the first entity to be questioned should anything happen to Kabaka, in terms of his well-being. The Kabaka has been an obstacle to the enemies of Buganda who have been participating in rampant land-grabbing within the kingdom.

The government removed the Kabaka’s traditional bodyguards (Bambowa) who jealously protected him from danger, and replaced them with government soldiers.

However, another prince named Prince Nakibinge Kimbugwe says it is a cultural issue. Nakibinge says he sent a message to Mayiga to tell the Kabaka to return the spear that was given to him by Nsereko Kalamaji who covers Buganda, and all will be well.

In Uganda, poison is the most popular tool used to settle scores, and it has been alleged that the Kabaka’s father Edward Mutesa, was poisoned by the government of Obote, whose aim was completely annihilate kingdoms.          Add Comments >>




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