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Honoring the troops-the full video with Bush 41 and Bush 43


george bush

    Presidents George W. Bush (blue tie) and his father George H.W. Bush (burgundy tie) at the

Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas honoring the troops. Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  November 11, 2012

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas Soldiers and school teachers are perhaps some of the most important people in society but are rarely recognized or acknowledged for their services.  In a time of endless wars where soldiers are put in life-or-death situations, Newscast Media wants to take time to honor our brave men and women serving on the front lines.     


The video below is the full rendition of Houstonians annually honoring the U.S. Military including the Navy, Airforce, Marines, National Guard and War Veterans honored for their service to this country.  Among the special guests who regularly honor our troops were George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush who mingled with the soldiers and took photographs at Houston's Reliant Stadium.


Videography and Photography by Joseph Earnest


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