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Israel: Hezbollah has deployed Yakhont missile with 300km reach

cuise missile


by Joseph Earnest  February 27, 2014


Newscast Media TEL AVIV—Israeli navy officers said Hezbollah has already deployed the Russian cruise missile, Yakhont, with a range of 300 kilometers and capable of striking Israel’s entire Mediterranean coast, World Tribune reported.

"We assume that advanced Yakhont missiles have also reached the hands of Hezbollah, and we are preparing for that," Rear Adm. Eli Sharvit, commander of the naval base in Haifa, said.

The Israeli officers said Hezbollah deployed Yakhont in 2013 about a year after the Syrian Navy received the P-800. They said repeated Israeli efforts to block the delivery of the weapon from Syria to Lebanon were partially successful.

"Hezbollah is a highly functional organization, active in its sector," Sharvit told a briefing on Feb. 25. "It continues to arm itself with strategic weapons, and has not stopped trying to get its hands on weapons that will influence [future warfare]."

The officers said the navy was being trained and equipped to foil the Hezbollah or Syrian missile threat against Israel. They said Hezbollah could use Yakhont to attack Israel's new natural gas facilities in the eastern Mediterranean.  
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Source: Al Manar TV news









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